Middle School Player Development

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The BTA Sports Academy is the best athletic training environment in Palm Beach, FL. Our facilities have been designed by some of the best architects in the industry. The Astroturf fields, state of the art swimming pool and gymnasium is surrounded by the highest levels of academic excellence and learning. It has an IB World School at it’s center for Leadership Excellence for future generations. It is the type of environment that embraces every athlete to ensure success on and off the field. It is the ideal setting for our Middle School Player Development (MSPD) program.

DISCIPLINE is a bi-product of…

BTA Sports Academy provides athlete development programs on three campuses in Palm Beach County with its premier campus in Palm Beach Gardens at the Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy. This is a State of the Art facility and is the best academic and athletic training environment in the region. The immaculately laid out Astroturf fields, which are designed to facilitate athletic training and game-time competition, is settled on 14-acres, 68,000-square feet of land to train middle school and premier high school athletes in the Palm Beaches.

MOTIVATION which is derived from…

The greatest motivational factor we have at BTA is our coaches. It takes more than just knowledge and an understanding of the game to be a great coach. In addition to having a good understanding of game strategy the best coaches know psychology. They know how to motivate players and unite their teams. To increase an individual skills or enhance their performance the coach must generate and sustain trust. They are the model that athlete wants to become. The coaches motivates his athletes by not allowing negative behavior or inferior attitudes to dominate practice or game-time performance.

DETERMINATION which leads to...

It began in 1984 when Thomas E. Johnson accepted a full athletic scholarship to attend The Florida State University. Thomas was never known for his academic prowess, but his insatiable appetite for competition and commitment to excellence has always been the driving force behind his success. His determination and willingness to listen to his coaches and mentors is the vision he has always had for the academy. This would enable dedicated athletes like him to focus on achieving success through athletics as he did. The number of athletes that have achieved greatness beyond athletics are countless. The potential for success is increased exponentially by providing an environment of responsibility, leadership and discipline through sports. 30 years later this vision is now the BTA Sports Academy, a leader in academic excellence, leadership and athletic development. Former BTA Sports Academy athletes have gone on to achieve success in life on par with some of the most intellectual individuals in our society. Our goal is not just the development of an athlete, but the development of the total person.

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Behind the Athlete is a sports performance company designed to increase the performance, education and success of athletes and clients who want to succeed at the next level. We are in the business of providing Health, Fitness, Wellness and educational resources for middle school, high school and college age student/athletes. We are unique. Behind the Athlete offers High Performance Athletic Training, which entails speed, agility, strength and conditioning programs for beginners, advanced and professional level athletes.

BTA promotes an environment that encourages the full personal development of its student/athletes. BTA emphasizes scholastics and academics as well as their athletic development. Recognizing the individuality of each student/athlete, BTA focuses on his or her academic and athletic abilities. BTA is committed to developing synergy between the academic and athletic abilities of all its student/athletes. Each individual is required to behave in a respectful and well-behaved manner at all times to all people, including coaches, parents, and fellow athletes.

SUCCESS which is a deeper understanding of oneself!!!

In its inaugural year the BTA Sports Academy, has had tremendous success. Thomas E. Johnson was the Head Coach of the 2014 IAAF World Outdoor Junior Championships. He also coached 2-athletes to win the Sun Conference Championship, who also qualified for the NAIA Outdoor Track & Field Championships. Four of his youth athletes qualified for the AAU Junior Olympics and he was later nominated as a Finalist for the Palm Beach County Professional Coach of The Year. Thomas has envisioned an academy that would afford all individuals an opportunity to focus on achieving their potential, while teaching them discipline, dedication, respect, accountability and determination. The BTA Academy, has integrated a World IB Private School with athletics and individual personal development. BTA Academy student/athletes continue to attend some of the county’s most prestigious academic schools with powerhouse athletic programs. These same student/athletes go on to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the country.

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